PhD candidate

The Institute for Analytical Sociology

I am a PhD candidate at the Institute for Analytical Sociology in Linköping University, Sweden. I have a background in economics and sociology from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. Before starting my PhD project, I have held positions at the WZB in Berlin and UC3JM in Madrid.

My research primarily concerns the link between social network ties and segregation. In particular, I investigate how the urban environment shapes the formation of network ties and how the emerging spatial distribution of network ties matters for patterns and perpatuation of residential segregation. In my projects, I use population level Swedish micro-data and apply a mix of advanced matching algorithms, discrete choice models, agent-based models, and counterfactual simulations.

Research Interests


Social Networks

Social Infrastructure

Social Influence

Administrative Data

Agent-Based Modelling

Upcoming Events

INAS – May 2022

Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science – Santa Fe Institute – June 2022

Sunbelt – July 2022

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